The Ssere Cleanse
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The Ssere Cleanse

This is primarily an exercise in consuming only vegetables, fruits, and a variety of healthy fats. 

We use a restricted diet as the access point to understand our habits and what we unconsciously do when we're uncomfortable (distract, disassociate, binge, overeat, under eat, mindlessly react, retract, check out, etc). If we have these habits with food, we probably have them in other parts of our life too. 

Therefore, creating the artifice of a restricted diet and honoring it for a specific, confined amount of time pulls focus into behaviors that are otherwise second nature. This focus is what yields sustainable change. 

 Food that's included:

-5 unique breakfast superfood smoothies (vegan/GF/paleo)

-5 unique vegetable-based lunch stews (vegan/GF/paleo/nut free).

-5 unique vegetable-based dinner soups  (vegan/GF/paleo/nut free).

-1  bulk daily sipper (bone broth- or green tea- based).

-Sicilian extra virgin olive oil (to drizzle on your meals).

Also included: 

-Meditation guidance. 

-Daily journal prompts.

-15 minute one-on-one session with Sarah to go over annual health goals.

-A comprehensive Ssere Cleanse handbook, which will explain the purpose of the cleanse, all ingredients used and health benefits of most, tips and tricks to have the most successful experience, common cleansing Q+As, and how to incorporate these techniques into everyday life. 


-$500 (which includes local NYC delivery, to be delivered on Sunday between 2pm-8pm). 

-Join with a friend and both receive 10% off!