• When is the food delivered?
The meals are delivered Sundays between 2-8pm. If you need another delivery time/date, that is available for a $25 fee. 
  • How is the food delivered? 
The meals are packed in an insulated cooler bag that will keep your food fresh for at least 5 hours before refrigeration. During warmer seasons, we include ice packs.
  • Do you ship?
We currently ship to New York (if outside of our delivery radius), New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC and Massachusetts.
  • What if I'm not home to receive a delivery?
No problem! We can deliver to your doorman or your front door. Because the food arrives in an insulated bag, it will be fine for many hours. If you need a special delivery time or date, that is available for an extra charge.
  • Do I trip my delivery driver? 
That would be greatly appreciated.
  • What do I do with the ssere bag my food is delivered in?
Either reuse it or return it! We happily pick up bags from past weeks.