Sarah Pachelli

Chef & Founder

Sarah is a nutritional chef and registered nutritional counselor. She founded SSERE after working as a nutritional chef in New York City for many years. Sarah streamlined her most popular recipes to provide individuals and families the healthiest, highest quality meals available in the NYC area...

Like many healing stories, Sarah’s begins with illness. In 2010, she was diagnosed with psoriasis. After feeling stuck and butting heads with many Western doctors’ “it is what it is, take this pill, deal with this reality” approach, she explored alternative modes of healing, namely using food as medicine, and ultimately cured her autoimmunity. A former actress and forever writer, Sarah was inspired to switch career trajectories and attend culinary school. In 2011, she graduated from NYC’s Natural Gourmet Institute, where food is used for healing and nutritional knowledge as mandatory as knife skills. Sarah then launched her personal cheffing business where she curated meals to culinarily heal and support clients through life-defining moments, such as autoimmune disease, cancer, weight loss/gain, seasonal cleansing, pre- and postnatal nourishment, et cetera. After cooking for people with chronic conditions for years, Sarah realized we cannot cure ourselves with food alone. There is also our relationship to food, to stress, and to how we feel. This deeper quest led to The Institute of the Psychology of Eating in 2017. Now, as a registered nutritional counselor, Sarah has a passion for helping women navigate body image issues and understanding what our ailments are supposed to teach us. She also leads nutritionally-minded retreats around the world and travels to Sicily for work, for pleasure, and to recharge.

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