Our Mission

Food is meant to be enjoyed.

Our meals are designed to fit your particular culinary constitution, whether that is dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, egg-free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, et cetera. All meals are are free of gluten, refined and lab-made sugars, seed oils, chemical compounds, stabilizers, gums, random additives, and food dyes.

We have helped many clients achieve personal culinary goals — be it weight loss, health gains, eating autonomy. This process takes time. There is no quick-fix solution. Wellbeing is a practice, not a perfect. It is a pleasure to provide the dietary nourishment for vitality, longevity, and food freedom.

Ingredient integrity is integral

Our fruits and vegetables are organic and/or locally sourced. Our fish is wild and sustainable. Our meat and poultry is grass fed and organic. Our pantry items are organic, local, or procured by Sarah throughout her Sicily-travels.


Moderation is the key to longevity and perhaps the most difficult thing to cultivate. But not with ssere.

We don't follow food fads or diet trends. We believe food is neither bad nor good; food is a neutral source upon which we prescribe meaning based on our own inclinations. We believe it is always the dose, not the dish, that makes the medicine (or, in some cases, poison). We believe consuming most foods moderately and modestly makes a healthy human.

Eating the ssere way yields plenty of room to enjoy that occasional pizza, an amazing gelato, the perfect glass of wine, which makes life fun and memories potent. 

Salts and fats are important

We exclusively use extra virgin olive oil and sea salt from Sicily, where we have personal relationships with our purveyors.

Not all salts and fats are created equally. We season our food with health-supportive, mineral-rich salts (our sea salt from Trapani) and heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory oils (our extra virgin olive oil from Vittoria), instead of the ever-common sodium-laced processed salts that strip the body of trace minerals and refined oils that cause chaos to our inflammation markers, which is the root of many diseases.


A pretty healthy approach towards food means eating very well most of the time. Let ssere take care of your food when life gets crazy/hectic/busy, so you don't have to worry about the merit of your next meal or pendulum-swing between extremes.

Perpetual dieting and deprivation yields yo-yo weight losses and gains, unsteady emotions, a feeling of being trapped in the body, and overall confusion. If you've been here before: we see you and we got you. Let us nourish you into food freedom with fresh, delicious meals that make eating healthy easy. No muss no fuss freshness delivered once a week to your front door. 

Real unrefined sugars

We only use local maple syrup, honey, dates, homemade fig syrup and blackstrap molasses to modestly sweeten food.

If our goal to stay well means consciously reducing an inflamed state, we must be mindful of sugar consumption, as sugar — especially refined sugar — is the root of all inflammation, thus all disease.

We never use refined sugars of any variety. We also never use agave, monk fruit, erythritol, xylitol, stevia, coconut sugar, nor any other trendy sugar derivative. Our throughline is whole foods, plain and simple. If we cannot explain how a sweetener is made, we do not use it.