Our Philosophy

How we eat is how we live is who we are.

At SSERE, we believe a healthy (and happy) existence begins with what we put in our bodies. It not only provides the fuel for our lives, but also fortifies our ability to be fully present within our life.

The pinnacle of SSERE is pleasure, which simply means BEING in the present moment. Pleasure starts by slowing down and enjoying what we consume, fostering holistic mindfulness (meaning being aware of what we're doing when we're doing it). We believe nourishment (how we feel when we eat) supersedes nutrition (what we think we’re supposed to eat), but one always informs the other.


Our Version of Healthy

Moderation is the key to longevity and perhaps the most difficult thing to cultivate. But not with SSERE...

It is well-known that perpetual dieting and deprivation yields extreme behavior, yo-yo weight loss/gain, and a feeling of being trapped in the body. If you've been here before: we see you and we got you. How about trying something new, something sustainable, something that makes eating healthy simple?

We got you covered. 

A "pretty healthy" approach towards food means eating very well most of the time. Why not let SSERE take care of your meals, when life gets crazy/hectic/busy, so you don't have to worry about the merits of your next meal? No muss, no fuss, delivered once a week to your front door. Eating the SSERE way most of the time yields plenty of room to enjoy that occasional pizza, an amazing gelato, the perfect glass of wine.

But there's more.

Our food is pretty and healthy because we eat with our eyes first. It is an invitation into the senses. It is the cultivation of our appetite. It is how we activate our digestion so to better metabolism all that yumminess.

There is no pleasure in healthy food without flavor.


Our Meals

SSERE meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, processed soy free, refined sugar free.

Not because any of these are inherently bad (food is neither bad nor good; food is a neutral source upon which we prescribe meaning, and the dose always makes the poison/medicine), but because we know life happens outside the SSERE parakeets and we're here for it! If we can nourish you, simply, you can live the rest of your life fully, without consequence or regret.

All SSERE foods are also free of lab-made sugars, refined oils, chemical compounds, stabilizers, gums, random additives, and food dyes. These things, on the other hand, do generally suck.


Our Mission

We have helped many clients achieve their personal culinary goals — be it weight loss, healthy gains, eating autonomy, and everything in between. This process takes time. Well-being is a practice, not a perfect. At SSERE, we take out the guesswork so to equip you with the dietary nourishment necessary to maintain vitality, longevity, and food freedom.