We know you have lots of options when it comes to what food is delivered to your door. From restaurant take-out to national pre-packaged meals, the market is saturated. So why choose SSERE?

SSERE is chef-owned and operated. We are boutique and specialized. We have grown slowly and organically (as we prefer our food to be), from a tiny sweaty Brooklyn apartment to an air-conditioned commissary kitchen. We are rooted in whole foods nutrition, not diets. And, most importantly, we adhere to a "personal nutritional chef" mentality, meaning we honor each client's unique constitutions.

We take into account your likes, dislikes, allergies, life stage, personal preference and health goals. There is no one-stop-shop right way to eat. Instead of following food fads, SSERE tailors its meals to you.

All too often there seems to be a choice between the indulgent meal and the healthful meal. A toggling between the two then ensues. What if we said you didn't have to choose? What if healthy food could also feel like indulgent food? Too good to be true? Not with SSERE. 

Nutrition is of utmost importance, of course, but never for the sacrifice of flavor. 

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