Weekly Meal Delivery is available in the greater NYC area.


SSERE (pronounced ‘sah-ray’) means BEING. Derived from the Italian words benessere and essere, SSERE means being healthy. Being happy. Being satisfied. In an over-commercialized, often confusing wellness culture, the focus on wellbeing has been lost. The foundation of SSERE is laid on finding pleasure
in what you eat and how you live. Receiving nourishment from your meals.
Slowing down your daily routine. Savoring every moment of every day.


Meet Sarah

About Sarah


At SSERE, we believe eating food made from whole, natural, and local products
is the pinnacle of wellbeing. The earth provides a wellspring; it is our responsibility to respect from where our food comes. We prepare healthy, nourishing meals and are able to accommodate personal dietary needs or allergies.


Meal Delivery

Sarah is a lifesaver,
literally and figuratively.

I have multiple food allergies and eating was rarely easy or delicious until I met Sarah. I gave her a list of my allergies and I’ve been worry-free ever since. Her food is healthy, abundant, and tailored to my needs.

Chakra Cleanse

Thank you for the beautiful opportunity you provided that
took me out of my head
and into my body.

Just cooking your food was cathartic for me. And your emails, so full of wisdom and love. I just love your attitude and outlook on life. So wise beyond your years. My husband loved all the food as well. Again, thank you. You are making a difference in the world.

Nutritional Counseling

It’s a nutritional session,
but it’s not just about food.

Sarah pierced through my defenses and found a gem, something I have not been able to access in myself, given my relationship to self-nurturing. I came away with a new perspective on my relationship to self in this really integrative way. The takeaway was about nurturing my truest, most vulnerable needs, and experiencing a connection to self.