• What is Ssere? 

Ssere is an elevated meal delivery service that provides healthy, delicious, thoughtful meals that are designed to nourish your body and mind. 

  • How does Ssere compare to its competitors?  

Ssere is privately-owned and operated out of Brooklyn, NY. We are self-funded and not backed by VC money. Ssere's founder, Sarah Pachelli, is a professionally-trained chef with over a decade's worth of experience as well as a registered nutritional counselor. Our food is fresh and vibrant. It is never frozen. We only use Sicilian extra virgin olive oil and Sicilian sea salt. Ssere doesn't perpetuate toxic diet culture. 

  • What are the benefits of Ssere? 
We make eating healthy delicious and easy. We focus on the big picture of your health and know that it is impossible to maintain a healthy diet if the food doesn't taste good. Ssere will help you reach any particular culinary goals.
  • How do I order or choose my meals? 
Weekly emails are sent to our subscription members. These menus also include nutritional facts about menu items. If you aren't on a subscription plan, click here to choose from next week's menu items. 
  • How soon can I get my first order? 
Deliveries are on Sundays between 2-8pm. Orders close Thursday at 12pm for that Sunday's delivery. If you place an order after Thursday at 12pm, you will receive your first order the following Sunday.
  • How much does Ssere cost? 
Meal delivery starts at $190. Price per meal drops as quality increases. A la carte items such as smoothies, cookies and muffins start at $20. 
  • Do you offer discounts? 
Happily! New clients can always enjoy 10% off. When a returning client refers Ssere to a friend and then order, enjoy 15% your next order. Email us for the promo code.