When to CONSIDER Nutritional Counseling

Do any of the following ring tried and true, or new and confusing:

Body Image. Stress. Indigestion. Depression. Bingeing. Cravings. Postpartum. Autoimmunities. Acne.
Constipation. Perimenopause. Trauma. Allergies. Fatigue. Insomnia. Food Sensitivity. Unexplained Irritation. Thinning hair. Brittle nails. Boredom. Lackluster sex. Unexplained weight loss/gain. Moodiness. Restlessness.

If so, Sarah's approach to nutritional counseling (food as the access point into habits, patterns, feelings) might be right for you.


sarah's Approach

In a phrase: pleasure heals.

Macronutrients and elimination diets will be discussed, of course, but that is merely the beginning, the first layer, the access point into everything else that's going on. By discerning how to become slow eaters, feel nourished by meals, foster a movement practice, and create daily wellbeing rituals, we are able to get to the bottom of our perpetual habits that often give rise to our chronic health issues.


Counseling Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Nutritional Counseling is right for me?

If you’re feeling stuck or confused about your relationship with food (whether this is a chronic feeling or resulting from a recent diagnosis), nutritional counseling will help you navigate your own journey with food freedom and wellbeing.

How many sessions will I need?

We will determine this after our first session. Some clients feel resolved in one session, some clients go on for years. We will also assess if once a week, once a month, or something in between is best for you.

Do I need to do the meal delivery along with Nutritional Counseling?

If you live in NYC, it is very helpful to do the meal delivery in tandem with the counseling, but not required.

How much is each session?

Sessions are $150 for 50 minutes.

What is the cancellation / rescheduling policy?

Cancelations made at least 24 hours before an appointment will avoid charge of the session fee. Sessions must be used within 2 months of initial purchase.

Will you help me with meal planning?



Your nutrition counseling
is about so much more than food.

You validated my woman power underneath the clutter of recycled emotions and second-guessing I’ve been experiencing lately and for years. You were very intuitive and reassuring and
I appreciate that so much.


Working with Sarah is like spending time with a new found friend, one that makes you want to tear down your walls and expose your vulnerabilities

Not only is she brilliant and thought-provoking, but she is kind and totally non-judgmental. Yet somehow manages to hone in on the very thing you need to deal with — even if it is the furthest thing from your mind. She is a wealth of knowledge and helps you synthesize and make sense of the barrage of contradictory information related to al things food.


It’s a nutritional session, but it’s not just about food.

Sarah pierced through my defenses and found a gem, something I have not been able to access in myself, given my relationship to self-nurturing. I came away with a new perspective on my relationship to self in this really integrative way. The takeaway was about nurturing my truest, most vulnerable needs, and experiencing a connection to self.


Sarah is a gift of a woman.

She is an intuitive healer, a nourisher for the mind, body and soul and a knowledgeable nutritional guide and chef. I have been on a roller coaster with health concerns and nutritional (mis)understandings for 10 years, it wasn’t until I started working with Sarah as a nutritional counselor and using SSERE, that I truly began to heal on the deepest levels.

Sarah has the unique ability to unearth the most important and hidden parts of myself that *are necessary for my journey back to feeling total wellness in my body and purpose in my life. If you are willing to do the work, there is no doubt Sarah will joyfully and lovingly guide you to healing yourself in unexpected ways.