• Are the meals fresh or frozen? 
All meals are freshly prepared the day they are delivered. The only exception is a la carte vegan soups and bone broths, which will arrive partially frozen. 
  • How much does one meal feed? 
One meal is intended to be one adult serving. 
  • What if I have an allergy or dietary restriction? 
We can honor allergies and dietary restrictions within reason. If there are too many specific restrictions, consider ordering our Custom Package, which is curated by Sarah. 
  • How long do the meals last?
All meals last at least five days in the fridge. It is advisable to eat the seafood dishes first. Muffins and cookies last for 10 days, at least (longer if put in the freezer). Smoothies last for 7 days. 
  • Is the packaging recyclable? 
We use biodegradable plastic packaging (the best we can find), so it is to be thrown away with normal trash.
  • How do I store my meals? 
All meals and baked goods should be kept in the fridge for longest life.
  • How do I heat up my meals? 
Reheating instructions are included on each individual meal.
  • Do you include calorie count? 
No. At Ssere, we don't believe in counting calories. We believe in eating nutritionally dense meals full of the highest quality macro and micro nutrients. We invite you to eat your meal slowly, from a non-distracted place, putting your fork down between bites, chewing your food, and stopping eating when you begin to feel full. This is the path toward food freedom and intuitive eating. Counting calories is a temporary diet that doesn't promote lifelong healthy habits. At Ssere, we focus on longevity, not quick fixes.