Virtual Cleanses

Sarah created her Virtual Cleanse Series in the Covid-era as an holistic alternative to mass-marketed cleanses. Yes, there is an intense and restrictive food regimen to follow, but only as an access point into what makes us uncomfortable. How we respond to discomfort in one aspect of our lives shines a light on how we handle discomfort in all aspects. From there, we examine the principles cultivated in SSERE’s counseling practice: nourishment versus nutrition, slow eating, pleasure versus stress, toxic nutritional thoughts, boundaries for freedom, and movement versus exercise — all with the ultimate goal of pretty healthy eating/living/being.


What to Expect

This is a different kind of detox. It’s not about weight loss or water weight (though both are often side effects because fewer calories are consumed). These resets are not just to cleanse the gunk out of the gut: they are cleanses for the mind, body and spirit. We’re looking to rewire our relationship with food. We’re looking to change habits around distracted eating, disassociated living, and stressful overindulging.


Virtual Cleanses

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never cleansed before. What do I need to know?

First things first: cleansing is hard on purpose. We use these intense restrictions not as way to quickly lose weight, but as a way into our feeling-state. What do we do when feel uncomfortable? Because, how we respond in one way is how we respond in all the ways.

I can only commit to five days. Is that okay?

Yes. Though, quite often, cleansers decide to continue regardless of their outstanding commitments.

Is Sarah available to answer questions?

Everyday, for a specified time, Sarah will answer any questions that arise for you. She will not respond to DMs. Please send questions via email. In certain instances, there will be a Live Q&A.

What kitchen appliances do I need?

A high-speed blender is necessary! A food processor is helpful (but you can do everything in a blender). A cast iron pan is ideal, but any sauté pan will work, as well as a baking sheet.

How much should I budget for groceries?

The groceries are about $200. Many of these items are pantry staples that you may already have. There are some extra supplements to purchase, as desired, but they aren’t necessary.

How much time will I spend cooking?

Daily cooking time varies between 5 minutes (for many dinners) to 1.5 hours (for a few lunches).

Can I batch cook items to save time?


Am I able to add on meal delivery if I prefer not to cook my own meals and live in the NYC area?

Nope! This RESET is about you prioritizing you! Don’t get overwhelmed by the cooking. It is empowering to (re)claim kitchen autonomy and that is a large part of this process.

How flexible is the cleanse if I have certain dietary restrictions/allergies?

Dietary restrictions and allergies will be considered and small adjustments can be made at no additional charge. If, however, we have to personalize your cleanse beyond a few here-and-there tweaks, an additional fee of $50 will be required.

What if I just want to do the food part and not the other exercises?

Well then you are truly cheating yourself the best part…

Why is there no meat on most cleanses? Is meat bad?

Nope! Meat is great for a lot of people (myself included). We are simply creating an artifice of discomfort to see what we do when we don’t have our usual go-tos. From there, we can begin to decipher our habits and mindlessness behavior that, perhaps, we want to shift.


Thank you for the beautiful opportunity you provided that took me out of my head and into my body.

Just cooking your food was cathartic for me. And your emails, so full of wisdom and love. I just love your attitude and outlook on life. So wise beyond your years. My husband loved all the food as well. Again, thank you. You are making a difference in the world.


Have really loved this ‘cleanse’, although that word doesn’t do this week credit.

It’s really been so much more. It’s given me tools, knowledge, recipes and mantras that I can take forward in my day to day life indefinitely. I haven’t felt ‘deprived’ (a word I don’t really think I can use anyway – I mean, I have the luxury of being able to indulge in taking a cleanse!), or without but rather, the opposite. I’ve felt nourished, informed, guided and secure. Full of gratitude and grateful that I have been able to partake in this.


What I love about this cleanse is that you can make it personal.

Don’t like cauliflower? Swap it out with something! I’ll be eating this food in some form for the rest of my life now.


Thank you for this not cleanse cleanse you’ve put together.

For all the love, care, thought, energy, heart and creativity you have poured into every aspect of the experience. This week has had a profound impact on me and touched me on all the levels of my being. I feel so soulfully restored and nourished.
And I learned a lot to boot!!