nutritional counseling

nutritional counseling

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Do any of the following resonate:

Body Image Issues. Stress. Indigestion. Depression. Binge Eating. Food Confusion. Diet culture obsession. Weird Cravings. Postpartum Struggles. Autoimmunities. Acne. Constipation. Perimenopausal Symptoms. Allergies. Perpetual Fatigue. Insomnia. Food Sensitivities. Anger and irritation. Back pain. Thinning hair. Brittle nails. Boredom. Lackluster sex. Unexplained weight loss/gain. TTC. Moodiness. Restlessness.

If so, Sarah's approach to nutritional counseling might be right for you. Prior to your first virtual session, there is an extensive intake to fill out that covers everything from diet and exercise, to personal and professional goals and aspirations, to chronic and acute health-related concerns. The intake guides the first half of this initial conversation, where Sarah asks many questions, some very clearly about nutrition and others seemingly tangential, in order to begin connecting dots and filling in gaps. The final half of the call is designing a tangible plan of action. These sessions are about your relationship with food more than food itself, meaning food is used as the access point to understand habits, patterns and feelings. Sarah will determine a plan of action for continued conversations, be it weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. Unlike traditional talk therapy, it is very clear when nutritional counseling is over. And, most importantly, this work is cumulative, meaning each subsequent session builds from the last, making it seamless to implement long-lasting changes (dietary and otherwise) with simple (not easy) holistic homework assignments.

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