The Chakra Cleanse

The Chakra Cleanse

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Using the structure of the Chakras, we travel up the energetic midline of the body to see what stories we’ve been telling ourselves about our health, and where the energy is stuck and how that affects our health.  We examine the nutritional benefits of phytonutrients. We use arm-based kriya to exhaust our physical bodies into receiving; chakra meditations to intuit where our energy is blocked; and daily journaling to make tangible the change happening.

Tier 1:
The Chakra Cleanse ($175)

Tier 2:
The Chakra Cleanse + hour-long one-on-one counseling session ($250)

Tier 3:
The Chakra Cleanse + hour-long one-on-one counseling session + additional 2 weeks of support, including 10 recipes, 8 kriyas, 8 journaling prompts, and email access ($400)

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